S1cover concept

S1 cover concept

Season One is the first season aired. It is currently under production and will feature 22 episodes.

Cast Edit

Captain French Jones - Richard Herron

Lawrence Seymour - Sam Ward

Jock - Armin Pudic

Richmond Macintosh - Elliot Gilbert

Derrick - Jake Crosswaite

James Jackson - Jackson Senior

Cleopatra - TBA

The Exodus Virus - TBA

Doctor Genesis - TBA

The Cyberdroid - TBA

Episodes Edit

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Episode 10

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Episode 22

Plot Edit

Prologue Edit

Season One begins as the UNSC Leviathan escapes from the battle of Reach to save the few Spartans it has on board. However the Leviathan crew member responsible for the slipspace coordinates is left behind as the ship takes fire, causing severe damage to many crucial systems and is forced to leave executing a slipspace jump with no destination in a last minute bid for survival. During the ships voyage Cleopatra begins to loose power and due to her programming she is forced to deactivate the crews sleeper pods, prioritising each crew member by importance untill the specialist Spartan team are the only ones left and protocol dictates they are not to be harmed. By the time Cleopatra completes the necessary repairs to the ship they have travelled far out of known space and Cleopatra awakens the Spartans so they can begin their journey back to Earth.

The Arrival of The Exodus Edit

After the AI Cleopatra awakens the six remaining Spartans from cryo sleep, the team begin to formulate a plan, mainly to find a way back to Earth. Soon after they begin their journey, they discover an escape pod floating through space. Cleopatra activates the tractor beam and brings the pod into the hangar. The crew cautiously open the escape pod only to discover that inside contains a dangerous computer virus, nicknamed 'the Exodus'.